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Here is a necessity for everyone, harboring endless streams of people.

This is the face of the city, always in need of upgrading.

This is where people’s attention is focused, and it just happens to contain unlimited business opportunities.

Public restrooms are upgrading to smart technology, opening up a vast blue ocean of wealth.

The market is vast

Massive toilets in public spaces.

The toilet revolution is, in fact, a technological revolution for toilets, transitioning from recycled water flushing to low-water consumption flushing, and then to waterless flushing systems. With the continuous release of policy dividends, the impetus for corporate innovation is becoming stronger, leading to an increasing emergence of toilets imbued with technological advancements. The revolution in toilets should not be confined to external design, internal environment, or the quantity of construction. Breaking away from the tradition of water-flush toilets and emphasizing innovations such as automatic cleaning, intelligent management, energy conservation, and resource recycling are key aspects of toilet technology. It is anticipated that by 2023, the investment market size for public toilets in China will experience a year-on-year growth of 10.5%.

Office buildings, transportation hubs, schools, tourist attractions, hospitals, and other such places are continuously increasing in number and constantly improving in quality.

A billion-dollar market size, an untapped treasure trove.

There are virtually no competitors

Technological leadership, market monopoly.

One chip per restroom
Clean once after each guest’s use.
Clean once after each guest’s use.

Policy favorables

Seize the moment and let’s ride the winds and waves together.

Continuous returns

Moving towards a revenue scale of tens of billions, growing together with partners.

As a growth-driven company, we hope that everyone can discover, analyze, and solve problems within the same world, injecting vitality into themselves and the world. Our efforts are focused on collaboration and growth, creating a sense of achievement and rewards for every partner.

Exclusive Agency

Your city, your personal life goals.

Collaborating on resource docking, product planning, market development, project financing, and investor identification for projects in the public health field by ESOO Technology, the partnership is centered around a senior partnership model with shared benefits. Chengdu ESOO Technology Co., Ltd. and senior partners integrate resources to co-create and share, rapidly advancing the development of regional markets and the implementation of products.

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