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One-stop Comprehensive Service

Offering a holistic solution integrating architectural planning
interior design, smart systems, and construction.

Intelligent Management System

Cloud-based Full-Chain Intelligent Control for Precise Public Toilet Digital Management

“Cloud Toilet” Sharing Model[^4^]

Building an intelligent interconnected new smart shared toilet system.

One-stop integrated service

Provide architectural planning, interior design, intelligent system and construction in one of the overall solution.


Offering an integrated solution that includes architectural planning, interior design, intelligent systems, and construction.

Esoo Modularity Toilet

Standardized design and prefabricated construction, incorporating an independently developed digital platform, with the capability to extend various expandable functional area modules according to the owner’s needs.


Cloud guidance, cloud mini-programs, cloud restrooms, and cloud management systems form a cloud platform, dedicated to building a smart public health ecosystem in smart city management.

News Report

ESOOTechnology, Supporting Chengdu Universiade.

Kuanzhai Alley Carnival, Smart Toilets Bring the Beauty of Technology.

ESOO Technology showcases its black technology at the 2023 Sichuan Digital Culture and Tourism Development Conference.