Make the city smarter, make public restrooms more civilized.

About ESOO

ESOO Technology specializes in the field of intelligent public health, offering a complete range of solutions that include design, research and development, intelligent manufacturing, sales, and construction. The company aims to elevate the level of intelligence in urban public health, enhance the city’s civilized image, support the development of smart cities, and foster the construction and advancement of China’s public health infrastructure.

Situated in the High-Tech Zone of Chengdu, ESOO benefits from a rich pool of talent and has a formidable R&D and design team. The company currently holds more than 20 patents. In 2022, it was recognized as one of the six cutting-edge technology enterprises recommended by Chengdu, providing technological support for the Chengdu Universiade with an internationally leading intelligent public health system.

Intelligent public toilets, a crucial component of smart cities, are playing an increasingly vital role in the urban public service system. Utilizing an Internet of Things Cloud Management System, these toilets can provide a more intelligent and personalized user experience, aiding in the efficient smart management of cities. As technology continues to evolve and innovate, the potential applications for intelligent public toilets are expected to expand significantly.

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